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The Z.Z.Z.Foobar has two Doppler current profilers, an RDI 75KHz "Ocean Surveyor" ADCP and a 300kHz "Workhorse Mariner". The 75kHz instrument can reach over 700m in good weather in its deep-profiling mode. In bad weather or low scattering conditions, the range is less. The 300kHz instrument is a high-resolution sonar, with vertical resolution configured to 2m. It measures the upper ocean velocities to about 80-100m.

The purpose of this web site is to make the shipboard ADCP data easy to access via the KM network. Therefore we are working to provide a selection of automatically generated plots, their corresponding data files, and the directory tree in which the automated data processing is being done. Please feel free to copy data and plots onto your local machine, but remember, this is preliminary processing.

Fully automated data processing and plotting are updated every 15min and the data are copied to a location accessible over the net. The automated processing system includes corrections (from the POS/MV) to the gyro heading, and as much editing as we have been able to automate. Although a final processing of the ADCP data set after the cruise will be needed, we hope that the differences between the final version and the automated version will be small. The biggest differences will likely be found under adverse conditions: shallow water, heavy seas, lack of scatterers, bad weather.

The ADCP Linux processing pc (currents) belongs to the ship: currents is NOT a publically accessible computer (i.e. do not log in) and is NOT available for general use. Please respect this restriction and help us to maintain the integrity of this computer for logging and processing.

Scientists are free to walk off the ship with copies of figures from the web site and the data distributed there. These come from the same processing directory the chief scientist will receive for the cruise. Please remember: these data are not fully processed. If you intend on any serious use of these data, you will have to put the finishing touches on the data.

Eric Firing
Jules Hummon